KGGWA 28th Annual Conference
Vendor Registration
Date: January 5-6th, 2018
Address: DoubleTree by Hilton,
200 McDonald Dr.
Lawrence, KS 66044
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Cost of one table is $200. Each additional table is $50.

Vendors may unload in the Doube Tree lobby hallway on Thursday evening or Friday prior to 7:30 AM or after 8:30 PM on Saturday. Contact Don Warring if different arrangements need to be made @ 913-849-3415.

All vendors booths must be down Saturday by 8:30 PM.
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Cost for meals is additional:

How many people will join us for lunch on Friday? *

$18 per person
How many people will join us for lunch on Saturday? *

$18 per person
How many people will join us at the Taste of Kansas event on Friday? *

$25 per person.
How many will be joining us at the banquet on Saturday evening. *

$75 per person
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